How can I list something?

We offer three types of listing on this site – For Sale, Wanted and Donations.  You can list your items here:

For Sale



You will be asked to create an account before you submit a listing.

How can I edit my Listing?

Make sure you are logged into your account

There are two options.  Either go to your listing and on the right hand side of the screen (desktop) you will see an “edit” or “renew” option.  Secondly, if you go to your account and click on your @profile your listings will show up there.  Click on the three dots and you will be able to make changes there or remove your listing.


What happens if my photos are too big?

If your photos are over 2 mb, you will be unable to upload them to this site.  This is a huge size for an image and it is highly recommended that you resize the files and resubmit them.  You can do this on a Windows desktop by going to your photo and opening it in “Photos”.  At the top of the page, above your image you will see the following:

Click on the three dots circled in red, click on resize image and under the pixel option width, change this to 1000 px. Please save your image file as a jpg.  This should mean that the quality of the image is still acceptable and the file size will be under the limit.

What happens when I've sold the item on my Listing?

Log into your account

Go to your listing and on the righthand side of the screen (desktop) you will see an “sold” option. You can also edit it under your account settings.  Once you have marked an item as sold, it will then no longer appear on the website.


Will my Listing show immediately?

Once your listing has been approved by the FD Forum MarketPlace Admin, it will then be live.

How can I see all my active Listings

Log into your account and click on your @username underneath your profile picture and above “Edit Account”.  You can also find your invoices here as well.

What if the item I've listed is no longer available?

Log into your account.

Go to the listing and click on Sold on the right hand side of the page.

What if there is a dispute over an item?

All transactions are between the seller and the buyer and it is both your responsibilities to resolve any dispute.  The FD Forum MarketPlace will have no role in this. It is up to the seller (or those donating items) to ensure that the buyer/recipient is legitimate and we would highly recommend ensuring that they are using a school/academy address, rather than a personal email address.

If sending goods by courier or post, we would also recommend that they are tracked.

Who can advertise?

Any legitimate company using a company email address can advertise on The MarketPlace.  However, all adverts will need to be approved by The FD Forum MarketPlace before being published and any that contravene our T&Cs will be removed.  The FD Forum MarketPlace does NOT endorse any of these listings.  Caveat Emptor.

Is there a charge to add a listing to the FD Forum MarketPlace?
  • Items For Sale:  Free for the Moment
  • Items Wanted:  Free
  • Donations:  Free

 Each listing is live for 60 days.  

 All listings require approval before they are published so your listing won’t appear immediately.

What is the FD Forum MarketPlace?

The FD Forum MarketPlace is a platform to provide schools and academies with the opportunity to sell or donate items surplus to requirement.

It is the go-to place to buy, sell and donate items in the Education Sector, so assisting in corporate social responsibility and cost reduction.

Who is the FD Forum MarketPlace for?

The FD Forum MarketPlace is part of the FD Forum – supporting those working within the Academies’ sector – with membership made up of Federations,  Multi-Academy Trusts and single Academies.  The FD Forum Marketplace has arisen to provide a more complete site for members to sell surplus items or search for items that they need. Understanding that budgets are tight, we have also created a Donation page so those wishing to develop their corporate social responsibility can use the site to provide much needed equipment for the education sector dealing with restricted budgets.

Who owns and runs the FD Forum MarketPlace?

The FD Forum MarketPlace is owned and run by The FD Forum Directory, part of The FD Forum Group Ltd.